Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Cute Baby Contest

Our cutie was in the cute baby contest and gave them her best smile, but the competition was stiff. Of course we will forever think that she is the most beautiful thing ever to walk the earth, but we might be a little bias.

On the catwalk.

This is Addy's friend Aveahna, who won 3rd place. They are giving each other a good luck hug here. Too cute!

We thought these would be cute pictures for the Christmas card and didn't realize that her hair looks red due to the lighting until after we sent them out. She sure loves to say "cheese" and give us her best grin these days. She is also very determined to have things her way and play hard all day long.
She has had a blast removing all the ornaments from the tree and even offering them to the dog as a chew toy.

Addy and Zoey, her cousin went and visited Santa together. She wakes up asking for "oey" and gets very excited when we go to play.
So far it has been a great holiday season.
The Thayn's!!

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