Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Cute Baby Contest

Our cutie was in the cute baby contest and gave them her best smile, but the competition was stiff. Of course we will forever think that she is the most beautiful thing ever to walk the earth, but we might be a little bias.

On the catwalk.

This is Addy's friend Aveahna, who won 3rd place. They are giving each other a good luck hug here. Too cute!

We thought these would be cute pictures for the Christmas card and didn't realize that her hair looks red due to the lighting until after we sent them out. She sure loves to say "cheese" and give us her best grin these days. She is also very determined to have things her way and play hard all day long.
She has had a blast removing all the ornaments from the tree and even offering them to the dog as a chew toy.

Addy and Zoey, her cousin went and visited Santa together. She wakes up asking for "oey" and gets very excited when we go to play.
So far it has been a great holiday season.
The Thayn's!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Time

The White River looks beautiful this time of year.

We have been having a great fall so far. Todd has been playing with guns and bullets and getting ready for another hunt that starts tomorrow. I have been going shooting with him, perfecting my aim so that when December comes I can go on my first elk hunt. My first hunt ever.

Addy is growing fast. She is saying lots of words and continues to communicate with us in a passionate language that we have yet to understand.

She decided she likes the leaves. But still not quite sure if she wanted to put her hands in them. 

Blowing kisses in the wind.
She sure loves the outdoords.

We went to the pumpkin patch earlier this month with September and Zoey. It was a fun day.

Hugging the pumpkin.

Two models in the making.

We are very excited to show off her Halloween costume.

Monday, September 19, 2011

1st Birthday and Labor Day

We had Addy's birthday party in Lasal. It was the first day for Todd to go bow hunting, but he sacrificed the evening to spend it with his girls.
 Our baby girl is ONE! She showed her dainty side by not digging into the birthday cake. She wasn't sure what the hype was all about.
So Todd thought he would help her get started and put some icing on her face. That didn't go over well either. She sure is showing us some new faces these days. What a stinker.

 We had a giraffe pinata and Addy sure thought it was fun to hit it. She got some new clothes that will hopefully still fit next summer, since she is still behind in her size and some new baby dolls. Aunt Sheila gave her a cool hand print kit for the first 5 birthdays. While making the print, Addy kept grabbing the plaster. We figured that shows her personality, so the first print is quite a mess. But perfect.

For Labor Day weekend we joined Todd on the mountain for Addy's first camping trip. She had a blast. She preferred to be outside at all times, even if it was 6:30 am and still chilly. It was a great trip with all the Thayn's.

 Who says you can't get a good nap in the pack-n-play?

 Her first 4-wheeler ride. She loved it and looked so cute in the helmet.
 The smile says it all. "I LOVE CAMPING!"
Grandpa Les and the purple girls. Addy and Aubrey.

Todd got a buck to fill the freezer and we all had a great time. We look forward to more camping next year.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The newest adventures and walking....almost.

We almost have a walking baby. She is determined. She loves practicing with this toy, or with anyone willing to keep up with her by lending a helping hand.
This picture doesn't quite do it justice, but Addy screamed herself to sleep and her head was smashed in the side of the crib. I moved her and she had a big red mark. Then she woke up and was mad. No nap after that. Did I mention the girl has determination?
One of her new favorites is to play in the cupboards. Can you tell by the smile that it is so much fun.

She got a new chair for her early birthday present and she thinks it is pretty cool. She loves to kick back and relax. It rocks too.

The Chair!

This face says "uh, mom...what do I do with all of these goldfishes now that my cheeks are full?" We were shopping and I didn't realize she wasn't eating them but stuffing her cheeks. She did manage to keep it all in her mouth, lucky for me. It took her a minute but they eventually went down.

Oh our girl is so fun. Very active, very full of life, and did I mention determined? She keeps us very busy and adds so much joy to our house. We love her so much!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Chasing Addy

Addy is full of more and more energy everyday. From the moment she rises in the morning the chase begins. She is into everything and so happy, most of the time. She has decided things are 'her's' by pushing my hands away when I hold things for her and she has been practicing her tantrums. Just a little for now. It keeps things fun around here.
Tonight she thought something was funny. Here is a cute video of it.

Also tonight she decided that her toy basket looked like something fun to climb in.

This picture shows the bruise from earlier this week. We are still not sure exactly how it got there, but it is not the last one for sure.

Yesterday a friend took some great pictures of her for invitations for her 1st birthday. They turned out very cute. Krissy made the tutu for her too. She wouldn't smile, probably because the tutu itched and she wasn't so sure about it but the pictures turned out great.

That's just a little bit of how our week has been. Todd got a new bow and is a little bit excited for the hunts that are coming up. A little bit is a HUGE understatement. I started back in school and between Addy and classes my days are very full. We wouldn't change a thing.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Catching up...from Easter to the Fourth.

For some reason I can't remember to keep up on the blog. So this is my try at once again being a blogger.

Addy is into everything these days. She crawls and pulls herself up onto everything and yesterday attempted to climb the baby gate. No, she is not walking. But why not climb things first? Her personality is shining more and more everyday and let's just say for the time being she wins when it comes to fit throwing.

Let's start by catching up. Addy's Easter was just another day. We were home helping grandpa Doug so nothing special happened. But we got some pics of her in the dress.

Then for Memorial Day weekend we went camping with the Thayn's. All of grandpa Lloyds kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids were there so we got a family pic. We had fun until the wind was too strong and we bailed Sunday afternoon for grandpa & grandma Thayn's house back in LaSal.
Addy & Aubrey had fun playing for awhile.
Until the wind became to unbearable. Sheila captured this cute moment where she was clinging to me and yet posing for the camera.
Then grandpa Doug and grandma Karen came to visit and we drove to Meeker and explored. It's a beautiful town with lots of history. It was fun to walk around. They were also setting up the carnival for the Fourth, so we enjoyed that for a minute.
On the way back from Meeker Addy discovered her toes. She sure made it sound like it was delicious.

Addy with grandma Karen and mom.

Then we went to the park and let Addy swing. She loves being outside and it a fun day.

This picture was also camping on Memorial weekend. It's her first twizzler and is a great picture.

That's a brief look at what we have been up too. Now Todd is getting ready for the bow hunt which is rapidly, but not fast enough for him, approaching. Addy will turn 1 in the middle of the hunt and we will be spending 3 weeks back home, Todd camping/hunting and Addy and I visiting family. We are all excited, but for different reasons.

Monday, April 18, 2011

April Already

Well it's already April! Hopefully I can stay on top of sharing the fun things Addy is up to. For starters, she recently won a photo contest on facebook. If you are on Facebook, check out Lovie Bug Bowtique. There were only 11 contestants, but she is the Cutie of choice. Of course Todd and I think she is the most beautiful baby there ever was. Her personality has really started to show and it is fun. She is almost crawling, but can scoot around to get into what she wants already. No teeth yet, but she is working hard on one.

I bought her Easter dress and can't wait to see what the Easter Bunny brings. I love Easter so I am very excited to start traditions and dye eggs this week.

We went home to visit family last week. Cousin Taylee and Addy were having fun admiring each other. It was cute to see them check each other out.

Yesterday was our ONE year anniversary. Todd surprised me with a last minute get away to Grand Junction. We left as soon as he got off work and made it just in time for a delicious dinner at Garfield's in Fruita. Todd traded shifts at work, so I was not expecting such a surprise. We had fun remembering our fun wedding in Moab with all our friends and family.

I will make sure to post Easter Fun pictures and show off our girl some more.